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Our web designs are inspired not only by our creativity but with the dream and passion of our clients. Understanding our clients and building out their ideas into reality is what makes us the best web design company in San Jose and the Bay Area.

Ideas are transformed:

  • Fully functional websites with easy navigation
  • Fully responsive web design viewing for mobile devices
  • Speed optimized web pages for better user experience
  • On page SEO for increased search and engagments

We deliver what our client’s imagine by spending the time required to design and develop their business website. Being in Downtown San Jose makes us reachable, whether it is during normal business hours or after. At Pixelwebsource, we strive to be the best web design company

At Pixelwebsource, our gears are always spinning.  We are always improving our digital marketing methods to expand our client’s customer base and increase their ROI.

We drive potential customers to their digital storefront:

  • Dominate 1st page ranking on search engines
  • Build and manage Google Adwords campaigns
  • Direct Social Media traffic to conversion
  • Develop Email Marketing campaigns
  • Pro-Active online reputation  management

Let us run through the numbers and analyze the current strength of your online presence and deliver a custom tailored campaign for your business.

Digital Platform

We don’t build typical websites, we build digital platforms. At Pixelwebsource, we believe that your website is your digital storefront.  A business website needs to have all the latest tech advantages to grow strength on search engines and social media.

Imagine turning the key and starting the ignition to launch your much anticipated website. Your website is perfect or is it? The only visitors that have seen your website are friends and current clients that you have referred.  If the purpose of building a new website is to personally direct current clients, then the launch was successful.  In many cases, business owners are budget conscious and expect their investment to produce and generate revenue.

A digital platform is affordable for the small business owner. What’s the difference between a website and a digital platform? As far as cost, there is not much difference.  A digital platform is a web design tailored to your business with functionalities ready to incorporate SEO and Social Media. A well thought out digital platform increases traffic to your website increasing ROI.


Latest Work


We are local, and we are proud to be a part of the San Jose and Bay Area business community.  Why is this important?  For us, watching our clients grow their business is definitely a measurable of success of our methods and hard work. Business owners work hard to succeed in the competitive market of Silicon Valley and we return the favor by working hard for our clients.  Our reputation is measured by our client’s success, which is extremely important to us.

Community is not all about business and success. Being part of a community means giving back. Our philosophy since the day we opened for business is to focus on reaching out to non-profits in the community and offering services that may help their cause.



FLIS Life Insurance

Not only did he deliver EVERYTHING he said he would, but our website launched the date we needed it to. 100% complete success. All of our clients love our clean and modern website, they love that they were able to pay for our seminars flawlessly. Michael was always so responsive and got things done right away, some to the point he had to remind me to get him stuff. I would recommend him to anyone. We actually have more projects for him! I cant go on enough.

Megan Smart


Jacobs Heart

It takes a very savvy, patient design firm to capture the dignity of children with cancer in a website. The team, especially Michael, was professional, patient, thorough, responsive and THEY DONATED THEIR SERVICES to support children with cancer and their families. No better company around. From the Jacob’s Heart families…You’re Awesome!

Lorri Butterworth