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what we do

Web Design and Digital Marketing

Pixelwebsource is a web design and digital marketing agency in San Jose, Ca.  With over 20+ years in Silicon Valley corporate world, our founders created Pixelwebsource with the vision of introducing digital platforms to local businesses.  Digital Platforms are used by all Fortune 500 companies to establish brand awareness and increase website traffic and conversions. The methodology used by large corporations can be tailored down to a smaller scale for local business.  Savvy small businesses are following the trend set by the large corporations and taking advantage of digital platforms to increase digital presence and discover new clients.


how we do it

Our Method

The ingredients to our successful formula consist of Build, Market, and Grow; three pillars of foundation designed to work in sync to create a Digital Platform.

  • Building a website requires creativity and innovation. A web design needs to have all the creative pieces in place to visually capture your target audience and utilize the innovative technologies to direct potential clients to CTA (Call to Action) functions.
  • Market locally, targeting areas expanding only to your service reach. Direct website traffic using Search Engines, Local Listings, Digital Ads, and Email Marketing. Manage business reputation by encouraging happy clients to write a positive review and engage unhappy clients before a negative review is posted.  Easily searchable businesses with outstanding digital reviews are the most successful at converting leads into customers.
  • Grow exponentially! With digital tools set in place it’s time to monitor web traffic leads and it’s conversion rate. Experts monitor traffic and conversion rates, advising and modifying strategy as needed to streamline marketing investments and increase ROI.

why we do it


Pixelwebsource is proud to be a local business in San Jose, Ca. Community is where we do business, developing professional websites and market local businesses. Community is also where we give back. We donate our time and expertise to non-profits that either needs a new website or need to extend their digital reach to potential sponsors.  Let’s build a business network together!