Located in Downtown San Jose

Jacob’s Heart


Jacobs’ Heart is a non-profit organization that supports children with cancer and  support their family  and the challenges they face. Jacob’s  Heart provides family-centered care that addresses the emotional, practical and financial struggles for families of children and teens during treatment, families experiencing anticipatory grief, and those who are bereaved.



  • Create a meaningful website that represents children with cancer.
  • Create pages best representing Jacob’s heart through stories and images.
  • Create portal pages to provide resources for family suppport.
  • Provide multi-language translation throughout their website.
  • Create an easy social media platform incorporating blog content and social media.
  • Provide mobile device interoperability through responsive web design.


  • Custom WordPress
  • Website Design
  • UX Prototyping
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Multi Language
  • Social Media Platfrom
  • Content Management