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Holiday Corporate Event Planning

Holiday Corporate Event Planning

If you have worked for a small company or a corporation in the Bay Area, you must have been to an event planned by Darryl Scotti and team. The Great Event has planned corporate event for 28+ years, and my wife and I had a pleasure of attending a holiday event hosted by Darryl Scotti.

Years back, my wife and I attended a Casino Royale style party where Darryl and his team were the party planners. The casino party event was for ArrayComm’s annual Christmas party where employees and family spent time mingling over dinner and Las Vegas style gambling with pretend casino chips for entertainment. The banquet hall was decorated with blackjack tables, roulette tables, and every other table games you can imagine. The Great Event employees all dressed up as dealers and kept the Vegas style ambiance alive.  Needless to say, this was probably the best holiday corporate event I have been to.

In the same year, my wife and I attended another company Christmas party for the tech company I worked for at the time. The dinner was held at a nice hotel and the food was good. What was missing? Everything else!

If you are planning a corporate event this holiday season, consider using The Great Event by Darryl Scotti. You can visit Darryl’s website and explore all the possibilities for your holiday party needs at www.thegreatevent.com.