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Local Business Marketing – Customer Reviews

Local Business Marketing – Customer Reviews

How did you hear about us? Most of the time the answer will be through a friend, or searches from Google or Yelp.  Even though there are many business listing directories and search engines, if you live in the Bay Area the top two are Google and Yelp. To obtain potential customers from top search results, make sure you have claimed your local business listings, respond to customer reviews, and optimize your website for mobile searches.

How do you search?

Potential customers are just like you and the process of making a decision to call a business will be something like this.

1) Search “Steak House” either on Google Search Engine or Yelp.

2) 1st page Results: Morton’s Steak House, Tarinus Steak House and LB Steak House

3) From 1-5 Stars, people are reviewing businesses and posting their experience.

Customer Reviews

People trust what they read online.  There is no option for a business owner to reject reviews or ask for reviews to be removed. People ask and Google and Yelp responds. Businesses with positive reviews tend to attract more clients while businesses with bad reviews are generally ignored.

Reputation Management

Have you ever written an honest but bad review about a business? Businesses that have review sites on monitor are always tracking good and bad reviews. If you have written a bad review, expect to receive a phone call or an email from that business. They will try everything in their power to make things right, as they should.  After all, these reviews are permanent and only can be removed by the reviewr.

Businesses spend a lot of time and money to keep their online reputation as clean as possible. Are they doing this because they are nice people? The fact is; it’s all about business.  Time and money spent on reputation management has a huge return on ROI.