" Search Engines dominate, savvy business owners understands the ROI."


SEO is an inbound marketing method that allows potential customers within your target area to find your business on search engines.  The idea behind SEO is to to build the strength of your website, so search engines can list your business on the 1st page. The phrase “1st page” is soo jaded these days. Every business owner will have received hundreds of emails from marketing agencies claiming to offer “1st page” rankings at a minimal cost. Some marketing agencies have even claimed to be Google just to steer the potential business owner in their direction. Unfortunately, many business owners falls victim to this deceptive practice. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Do it right the first time! If you think you are going to pay $200 to magically have your website listed on the “1st page” across multiple search engines with many highly ranked potential keywords and return a huge profit, be ready to accept disappointment. SEO is one of the core digital marketing solutions for local as well as national businesses. The goal of SEO is to properly build strength legitimately and claim the “1st page” positions for a long period of time.

Many agencies use automated software, programs, templates and whatever else to spend less time on their SEO work.  At Pixelwebsource, all of the SEO work is done manually.  Proven over time, SEO done manually has higher quality and better results. This is the method we use for ourselves and our clients.

Why are we believers of SEO? Organic SEO has a 14.6% close rate and is the #1 driver of organic traffic compared to outbound marketing. Beyond statistics is experience; our clients have seen increase sales in products and services since acquiring our SEO services.


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