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Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an inbound marketing method that allows potential customers within your target area to find your business on search engines.  The idea behind SEO is to to build the strength of your website so search engines can list your business on the 1st page.  Having a business in the heart of San Jose, we understand the local markets and the competitive nature of the landscape. Why are we believers of SEO? Organic SEO has a 14.6% close rate and is the #1 driver of organic traffic compared to outbound marketing. Beyond statistics is experience; our clients have seen increase sales in products and services since acquiring our services.


Google Adwords

Many local businesses have started Google Adwords campaign to generate new leads for their business.  This is an excellent idea, as every business should put aside a budget for marketing.  Simple campaigns may work, but the majority of times the return on investment (ROI) is not feasible. Why hire an expert to manage your Google Adwords campaign? Our experts will design campaigns tailored to your business goals and save money on bidding cost and waste spent on non converting Ads.  Google rewards Ads with proper formatting, landing pages, and keyword relevancy resulting in higher Ad placement and lower costs.



Email Marketing

Best return on investment? You bet! Studies have shown that the return on investment for a proper email marketing campaign is 3800% or $38 to $1 ratio. We help small businesses generate email lists, create eye catching email templates, and automate emails sent to new and repeat customers.